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For the love of Food

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We love French food, we love the rugged look of the peppers and courgettes, we love the abundance of squash at this time of year and the lack of less seasonal fruit and veg. It makes cooking more interesting and you’re keen to make the most of the new products that appear with the change in season. Last week we went to the market at Villefranche de Rouergue, it’s one of the larger ones that […]

Plunging into Darkness…

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Some things are different in France, not necessarily better or worse, just different – and becoming used to the differences is part of the settling-in. The clocks are set differently over here, it’s not just that we’re an hour ahead but it’s skewed towards the evening. So our days last longer – perfect for sitting out with that well deserved glass of chilled wine after a morning’s cycling and an afternoon’s hard-gardening, all at 25 […]

Dear Things…

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We love France (you’ve probably gathered); we love it because it offers the things we appreciate, fine wine and stunning scenery. Countless towns and villages that have retained all their quaint past whilst still never being far from the more modern sides of life – we have a wealth of different places we can visit for major outlets, our nearest being Villefranche de Rouergue but it’s also nice (and sometimes cheaper) to go further afield. […]

Two Weeks In…

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Two weeks ago, on Monday 29th September, we started our new life in France. Two weeks is normally a short time, people say the months fly by, they cannot believe it’s almost Christmas – again – and yet these two weeks have seemed like a lifetime (a heavenly one). Of course things are not perfect, indeed there are many who wouldn’t be so keen to live as we currently are (never mind the first three […]