El Camino de Najac…

Magnificent views from the woodland.

Magnificent views from the woodland.

is our dream for the future. A B&B where others can share in all things French and wonderful… be it the beautiful countryside, the plentiful Plus Beaux Villages (of which Najac is one), the Bastide towns, the sports (swimming, kayaking, high ropes, paintball, mountain biking – all just a couple of metres stride from our front door), breathtaking road biking, writing in the woods, eating heartily, shopping at local markets… and spend a few nights in our idyllic home surrounded by over 5 acres of orchard and woodland. We hope, one day, that we’ll welcome you to our little retreat in the South West of France.

About Us

Rob is a fencer, builder, farmer… and above all a wizard when it comes to making things. Back in England he built our first home (that’s another story) and he’s taken on the challenge of restoring this 1920’s French home to its former glory. Rob’s passion is wood – rescued wood – and when he’s not mending, plumbing, building or landscaping then you’ll find him in the workshop making furniture from wood (and other rescued bits and pieces). Wherever he sinkunitcan, Rob uses wood that has already had a life… he rescues oak, beech, ash etc. – things that may otherwise be trashed – and transforms them into wonderful creations.

El Camino will include lots of his furniture.

And I’m a writer. And a cyclist. And an artist. And I like yoga. So when I’m not running the B&B you’ll find me glued to my computer, or sitting in the orchard with a pen and paper (or an easel), or sitting on cyclist_carolynmy bike (or stroking it when it’s in the garage, because it’s made of carbon and gets lonely).

We’re not ready for guests just yet but we hope you’ll join us in our journey as we create our vision and then, when we are open, we look forward to welcoming you – along with your bikes, your pens, your canvas, your walking shoes, your cameras and the rest – because the Aveyron truly is a wonderful part of South-West France.Winter gardening_blog


  1. So happy you’re finally living the dream! Looking forward to keeping track of your adventure. I hadn’t realised you’d actually made the move until a few days ago… I thought you were just looking for a home. Your house looks amazing. Can’t wait to see the transformation. Good luck you guys xXx 😄


  2. Steph says

    It sounds like it was all meant to be! I wish you all the luck in the world whilst being very envious. Look forward to following your dream! xx


  3. Lynne Armstrong says

    I did leave a comment when I first read this but I don’t see it here now, so I will try again.

    I wanted to tell you how proud I am that you have finally realised your dream, it wasn’t handed to you both on a plate it is a result of hard committed work, and of course more hard work to come. You are both an inspiration to anyone else wanting to achieve a dream.

    Love you both loads xxxxx


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