You get what you pay for…

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amoraWe’ve always liked knives; Rob uses them of course, for woodwork, for fencing, good sharp knives are essential in the kitchen. There’s a great line in the film, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels that begins, “Also, I think knives are a good idea…” I won’t continue as the language is not so suitable for this Blog. Coming to the Averyon we were very excited to be in the home of Laguoile although other knife manufacturers do exist.

In Najac we have our own artisan knife maker, he sells, he produces and he also houses his own little museum and the first weekend in October, Najac hosted its second knife fair. A treat for anyone interested in beautiful metal, wood and bone work – the steels and the handles were amazing. We would have bought something, if there hadn’t been too much choice and too much quality.

The Averyon is so renowned for its knives it even has a dedicated tourist trail.

This week we wanted a cheese knife to put with one of Rob’s cheeseboards  and were excited to see a wooden handled Laguoile with a good weightiness and not a bad size for sale at €2.99 in our local Supermarket. The wood went well with the board and, along with a good bottle of Bordeaux, would make a nice gift. We thought.

I also needed some Dijon mustard – as with everything at the moment in our new life we were ready for a delay as we scoured the multitude of choice for the best deal. As expected there were five whole shelves – a complete mini section – just for mustards. In the end I narrowed it down Amora as the mustard is served in a glass – it has a rubber, reusable lid and, once empty you are left with a wine glass. There’s a choice of glasses too. And the best part – the jar/glass cost 40cents! I had to check the bill when I got home and there it was €0.40 – I had not made a mistake. If I can only come up with enough uses for mustard over the coming weeks I’ll have a whole new set of wine glasses by Christmas for under 2 Euros!.

We were pleased with our bargains this week. The mustard and the Laguoile knife made our shopping trip worthwhile.

Until I washed the knife. And saw the ‘importe par’ on the label. And I noticed that it did not say fabrique en France on the steel – as it should.

We live in France, in the Averyon and we have just bought a fake Laguoile knife.

Which just goes to show, you get what you pay for. Or, sometimes, you don’t.


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