Two Weeks In…

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The view whilst I type...

The view whilst I type…

Two weeks ago, on Monday 29th September, we started our new life in France.

Two weeks is normally a short time, people say the months fly by, they cannot believe it’s almost Christmas – again – and yet these two weeks have seemed like a lifetime (a heavenly one). Of course things are not perfect, indeed there are many who wouldn’t be so keen to live as we currently are (never mind the first three days when we could only have the water on for minutes at a time, given that we were so full of leaks) and yet, for us, we are living the life that we have dreamed of (and ‘pretend’ lived) for years.

We came here because we wanted a different lifestyle, one that centered around food and conversation and fresh air. And countryside. And now we are here.

There are stacks of boxes that we dare not unpack – in our old house we (as in Rob) built most of our furniture and it stayed with the house – so there is little room for our belongings. Our clothes currently reside in our upstairs living room (yes, we have two) as it used to be a bedroom and still has built-in wardrobes. The boxes make up two neat thirds to the downstairs living room with a cozy section in front of the fire with Captain’s chest and antique rocker (we can’t use the fire – we need a chimney sweep – but then it’s too hot for fires as yet, anyway). The water – all leaks repaired by us (as in Rob) – comes only in one variety: cold (but we’ve become adept at showering by bucket and jug whilst standing in our state of the art power shower cubicle) and our kitchen consists of only a hob and a sink so low that even I have to stoop (and I’m short) but we love it all.

We have our huge dining table, with candles which we light every night and we shop for food every two or three days, at various markets, getting to know the locals. And yes there are a thousand things to do but who couldn’t be happy when their workplace looks out onto trees and a castle and their neighbours already welcome them like old friends?



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